Pim Koopman died of heart attack

by Kayak-Lover 24. November 2009 20:58

On Monday morning 23. November 2009, Kayak drummer Pim Koopman died of a sudden heart attack. Just a few days earlier he performed his last gig with Kayak. Pim was 56 years old.

Pim Koopman was one of Kayak's founders. He also was a member of Diesel in the late seventies/begin eighties. He was also successful as a producer: Valensia, Robbie Valentine, Petra Berger, Pussycat, Maywood, Time Bandits and Sandy Coast.

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Promo Video 'Letters From Utopia' by Kayak

by Kayak-Lover 17. October 2009 11:54

Here's the promo video on YouTube for Kayak's latest album Letters From Utopia. Great shoot!

Have a look and please post your comments.

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'Letters From Utopia' has been released today!

by Kayak-Lover 18. September 2009 20:28

Today's the day. The official release of Kayak's new album Letters From Utopia is a fact! And, it's a beauty.

Kayak - Letters From Utopia

This album could be Kayak's last album, because after the coming tour, it is not exactly clear in what form Kayak will perform in the future.

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Release date 'Letters From Utopia' will be September 18, 2009

by Kayak-Lover 10. September 2009 08:30

The official release date of Kayak's new album Letters From Utopia will be September 18, 2009. This album consists of 19 new songs on two CDs.

Kayak - Letters From Utopia

Letters From Utopia will be Kayak's fifteenth studio album.

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New Kayak album 'Letters From Utopia' will be released early September

by Kayak-Lover 23. August 2009 22:56

Kayak will release their new album Letters From Utopia early September. This album consists of 19 new songs on two CDs.

The picture on this album has been extracted from George Grie's image Gothic fantasy or Expiatory temple. This image has been inspired by The Expiatory Temple of the Sagrada Familia, the unfinished masterpiece of Barcelona's most celebrated architect, Antonio Gaudi.


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